Glider Nook

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Sugar gliders love their nests!

Sugar gliders are nesting animals by nature and you will find items in their pouch that they like to carry in to build their happy little home.

Here are a few items that you can introduce into their cages to promote nesting behavior. Even pet only (non breeding) colonies enjoy building their nest.

1. Safe fake leaves (none that bleed color when wet or fray threads when pulled on)
2. Safe tree branches in their cage will also promote nesting by pulling the leaves off to carry to their pouch. 3. Fleece strips or small pieces of scrap fleece.
4. Torn paper plate pieces.
5. Newspaper (as long as you know that the ink that is printed on it is safe.
6. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls (as long as you know that any glue residue is removed or you know that it is safe)
7. Rose and or other safe flower petals (gliders would also love to munch on them while in bed)