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Sugar glider smell

Sugar Glider Smell............... Lets talk about their nasty smelling selves. Want to know how you can cut down on smell? Well there are many different things that you can do that will help cut down the smell, and if anyone can think of something that i may have missed, please feel free to add that in the comments.

1. Do NOT fill your cage with fleece type toys and items such as hammocks, bridges, vines and tunnels. Fleece holds the smell even after washing. Have you ever pulled out your fleece straight from the dryer and stuck your nose in it? I use Tide and dryer sheets and I can still smell glider on the fleece pouches that I use.

2. Do NOT use fleece cage covers, thats a huge smell harboring item as well. Those cage covers that are made out of that pool lining material are much better. Or I use cheap vinyl shower curtains or cheap plastic tablecloths

3. Do NOT over clean your cages, there is no need to obsessively clean your cages or cage items and if you feel the need to over clean, do it in stages so that their environment still smells like them somewhat.

4. Over cleaning your drop pans will also contribute to smell, by using a litter type material such as Cozy N Fresh or Yesterday's News you will not have to change out or clean your litter pan as often.

5. Keep your wheels clean! Thoroughly clean your wheels, smell can get stuck in those rubber gaskets or covers. Even a clean cage with a wheel that wasn't cleaned properly will still smell.

6. Make sure your males are neutered of course....(however, by following these guidelines even my intact males do not smell that bad)

7. Make sure that your gliders are fed a well balanced diet, nothing worse than the smell of a poorly fed glider/gliders.

8. Gliders that are sick can also put out a stronger odor, so make sure that at the first sign that your glider is ill, that you get them to the vet for proper treatment.

I hope that this helps you with some tips to reduce smell in your home due to owning sugar gliders.