Sugar glider care

What do I need?

1. A glider safe cage, should be at least 2ftx2ftx2ft and bar spacing NEEDS to be 1/2 an inch or less.   Any bar spacing larger than 1/2 an inch and your new gliders can and will escape.  You will also want to secure the bottom grate if it is the kind that pulles out for easy cleaning, because sugar gliders are smart little creatures and will push the bottom grate out just enough to squeeze through and escape.   You will also want to secure each door that you will not be using often, because they also learn how to open doors.

2. Water bottle and open water source.   Water bottles have been known to malfunction.

3. Food dishes and a good quality diet.   The diets that we recommend are all of the Critterlove diet plans including critterlove original (formerly known as ohpw) and we also recommend BML (Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters).  

4. A glider safe wheel.   We recommend wheels from Critterlove, Spinzone, My Glider Wheels and More, Attixorks and Custom Choice Cruisers.

5. Fleece pouches for them to sleep in.

6. Glider safe toys, either hanging toys or floor toys.