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Rescue vs Rehome

True definition between a rescue glider versus a rehome glider.......

It is very common for most people to consider any glider from Pocket Pets or craiglist to be considered a rescue when in fact they are not.

Just because we do not agree with certain husbandry or diet choices that someone has made for their gliders the length of time they had them does not make them resuces.

A smaller cage than we would keep is not a defiiniton of a rescue glider.

A diet that we don't agree with is not a defiiniton of a rescue glider.

The glider having a wheel that we do not consider safe is not a defiiniton of a rescue glider.

Toys or pouches that we do not agree with or deem safe is not a defiiniton of a rescue glider.

Just because people do things differently than what we would is not a defiiniton of a glider that needs rescuing.

Many times the people that are selling OR giving their gliders away loved their babies....they were just misinformed on their care, just like we all were once.

These babies from craigslist do NOT need saving.

If you wanted to adopt a new glider because you WANTED it, then great! But please don't do it because you think it needs saving.

Also something to think about, don't "save" a glider from craiglist because you think it needs saving if your not going to keep it. Alot of people will get a glider from craiglist (or other form of advertising) so they can "rehab" it and adopt it out again. Putting that glider or gliders through another home is not helping the glider.

You should only get another glider or gliders from those social mediums because you want one, not because you think it needs rehabbing and you'll find it a great home. Thats not helping the glider or yourself.

Don't think that your taking in all the free or low cost gliders make you a rescue....there is ALOT more to being a REAL rescue than just taking in all the gliders that you can. Being a true rescue is expensive and time consuming and a mental strain.I will take in any gliders that need help and have taken in MANY gliders over the years...that does not make me a rescue home.

A REAL rescue glider is one that needs desperate medical attention and the owner is unable to help it or one that gets dumped off in your hands with out warning or where local agencies confiscated it.

One last thing......If you are out cruising craigslist looking for gliders, you are not rescuing, you are judging those owners and gliders based on "your" beliefs in how you think a sugar glider should be cared for. And possibly looking for a pat on the back or an "Atta Boy!"