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Here you will find updates on things going on at Newby's Glider Nook.  Everything from Gatherings that we are going to, joey's going home and just little interesting stories about our gliders.


Always pay attention to the feeling in the room that your gliders are in.   If it "feels" off, then chances are that it is.

I was feeding my gliders tonight and a couple of cages just seemed to be a little more active than usual and almost aggitated.   But when I checked everything it seemed just fine.   When I was done feeding I turned off the lights and turned on the flashlight on my phone and did a quick sweep across the room.  

Thats when I saw it..... a lone glider bouncing along the floor stopping at this cage and that to do a quick sniff.  LOL

I scooped it up and checked its sex, ok its a SHE.... that should make finding her cage a bit easier.  And thats when I saw it, she had pulled her cage pouch out through the bars in an attempt to get back in.   LOL.  

I put her back with her cage mate and of course the first thing he had to do was to sniff her privates, I guess to make sure she wasn't being a charlatan while she was out and about before he decided that he missed her.   LOL