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                                   Color Pricing

Pet only pricing on all of our joeys:

White faces, greys, black beauty and minimal marked mosaic males and females : $200 each
Regular mosaics (including bb mosaics and ringtails), leu's, platinums, cremino males : $325 each

Regular mosaics (including bb mosaics and ringtails), leu's, platinums and cremino females : $350

White mosaic, true platinmum mosaics, cremino mosaics and pied mosaic males : $375

White mosaic, true platinum mosaics, cremino mosaics and pied mosaic females : $400

That does not mean that these joeys will not be available for breeding, however you will need to contact me for hets, lineage and breeding prices.   Let me know what you are wanting to breed for and I'm sure we will be able to help you exactly what your looking for.

Lineages and hets will no longer be available publicly.

There will be a $25 discount for repeat customers, $50 discount if adopting more than one and a $25 discount if paying in full at the time of the adoption.

We do require a non refundable deposit of 1/2 the price of any joey with in 36 hours of agreement.  None of the joey's will go to their new home before they are 8 weeks out of pouch.  Every joey with a deposit will need to be paid in full by time they are 6 weeks old.  If you have any questions or need to make other arrangements please let me know.

Pet only males will be neutered by my vet before they are available to go to their new homes.

We do ship to the continental United States for a fee of $150 through United Airlines or we can drive up to 3 hours to meet up for a small gas fee.

Payment plans are available!

If you'd like to text me regarding my joey's feel free @ 731-441-9814