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Sugar glider fb groups?

Have you been online to some fb sugar glider groups and were treated horribly just for being new and asking questions?

We have all been new at one time and we look to others with experience for help and guideance while learning to navigate the sugar glider community.

There is good and bad online members in every online community that you find regardless of the animal or the breed.  Often times we think the sugar glider community can be the meanest you'll find.   But over all, the same can be said for chicken groups, bird pages, dogs and specific breeds of dogs.   The same type of people are out there no matter what your looking for.

That is why I created a fb groups speicifically for newbies where they can go and feel safe and ask any questions that they may have or post any pictures that they like with out fear of being ridiculed, chastised, made fun of or bashed.   That type of behavior is NOT tolerated in my group.   If you are interested in joining our group which is steadily rising every day in membership, you can find us by typing in Sugar Gliders: ABC's and 123's

We would LOVE to see you there!