1. What does OOP mean?   It means out of pouch.   Thats the date that we give joeys when they are detached from the nipple, kinda like a birthdate.  However they will need to nurse from 8-12 weeks yet before they are able to go to their new homes.

2. Do I have to have 2?  While there are many gliders out there that have a reason why they are alone (usually do not get along with others) and some that appear to be happy alone,  we are a very poor substitute for another glider for them to play with at night and snuggle with during the day while they are asleep.  Remember that they are colony animals.

3.  What does pet only mean?   Pet only means that they are to be pets only and not for breeding.  Many breeders including myself love all of our gliders as pets  but if you are adopting one of our or any other gliders as pet only, you are promising to not breed them.   

4. Why is lineage so important when it comes to breeding?  All of our sugar gliders in the United States came from a small group of gliders from overseas and breeders have worked hard to breed out those gliders for many generations to not be closely related now.  There are also many many breeders throughout the United States and we all get our gliders from other breeders.  So even though you might get a glider from me and another one from many states or towns away, that does not ensure that they are not related.   LIneage also helps with tracking any issues that might be in the lines.  Lastly, lineage helps with determing colors that they may produce if paired correctly.  

5. Do sugar gliders need vaccinations and vet visits?  No they do not need vaccinations but they do need vet visits at least once or twice a year for wellness checks much like you do with your dogs and cats and of course if emergencies come up through out the year.   It is also reccomended that any new glider that you bring home see's a vet within 3 days for an initial wellness check.

6.  Do I have to start out with a huge cage or can I upgrade later?  No you do not need to start with a large cage, a smaller one in the beginning actually helps with bonding and makes for a great hospital or travel cage later.... so no need to sell or toss it out once you get a bigger one later.