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Creative ways to feed your sugar gliders

Creative food presentations for preparing their nightly food that promotes foraging.......... I know that there are many people that talk about their gliders not wanting to eat as much or getting bored with their food, which leads to many owners believing that they need to switch diets. Rather than switching up diets OR just for just because you want something different and fun for your gliders at meal time, try these ideas instead.

Tie their food and hang it through out their cage. You can use rexlace (craft lace) to tie up things like carrot sticks, celery sticks, a piece of watermellon, corn on the cob, etc.

If its a vine type food (like grapes) you can leave it on the vine and hang it from the top of the cage from the outside so that the grapes are harder to get to and they have to work more to get them.

You can even take spinach, kale, lettuce or corn husks and wrap their dinner in them and hide them through out the cage.

Use those foraging cups, tooth boxes, plastic easter eggs and toy trash cans to put their dinner in. Those items are not just reserved for treats only!

Make dinner fun and exciting for your gliders!