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Why you shouldn't blend their fruits and veggies

Some of us have been saying for years not to blend, slurry, smoothie or mush they fruits and vegetables. Hopefully this will explain things better AND address an issue that I've been hearing about lately.

I've heard about some gliders that are eating their own feces and the owners don't know why. I think I have a theory as to at least one but not limiting to reasons as to whythey are doing that.

By blending their fruits and vegetables it forces the glider to eat the nonsoluble fiber that is also in the food that they normally would not consume. An animal nutritionist has already confirmed that this is not good for our gliders nutritionally. The non soluble fibers make digestion of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients more difficult for our gliders digestive system. Instead of properly absorbing those nutrients, some of them are getting passed and expelled from their body with the non soluble fiber in their feces. So it makes perfect sense that some gliders are then eating their feces because they are lacking those nutrients.

Blending their foods can also cause a whole host of other issues in the health of your sugar gliders in the future as well. Some of those health issues could be metabolic bone disease, malnutrition of course, calcium deficiency, tooth problems, liver and organ failure, etc.... I personally do not want to take the chance with my gliders health by blending their food just so they can't be picky or because they seem to eat more of their food if it's blended.