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About Us


My name is Sherri and I am the owner of Newby's Glider Nook, a small hobby breeder located in Big Sandy Tn 38221.  
731-441-9814 text anytime before 10pm.

I became a loyal suggie slave in 2006 when I recieved my first sugar glider, George, with no information on how to care for him....I immediately did my research and realized that he would need a friend,toys and most importantly a better diet. I found a wonderful rescue who allowed me to adopt two pairs of rescues. Since then, I have been totally addicted to these beautiful, curious, funny and smart little furbutts.

I owned sugar gliders for 3 years before ever getting my first breeding pair and truly believe that everyone needs to own suggies for at least a year or more before they decide to get into breeding. I am now a hobby breeder who enjoys every joey that is born here and loves being able to provide sweet pretty babies for new families to love!  All of my glider pairs have full lineages to ensure the health and compatibility of their cage mates to guaurantee that they are not related and will produce happy healthy joeys.

In addition to our gliders, we also have dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and a parrot.  All of which are our babies too.