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A Sugar glider bond

I'm beginning to see more and more the frustration that people are having with what they think a real bond with their glider is. And I'm going to try and put this into perspective a little more and hopefully you will all see that a true definition of a bond is not at all what you are expecting it to be.

Sure, there are some gliders out there that will have a stronger bond with their owners than others, but in all actuality that % of gliders with that strong of a bond is very small in reality. You see pictures all the time of a glider in a hoody, in someones hand, on their shoulder, in their hair, etc....but what your not seeing or even hearing about is exactly how LONG that glider was in that position before it took off to explore or find somewhere else to sleep.

I know I can have a glider in my bra all day long and I can take lots of pictures of said glider, but does that mean that glider is more bonded to me than the others or was it just trained to sleep there where its nice and dark and warm?

In reality a true bond isn't the amount of time that glider stays on you OR the fact that it will curl up and sleep in your hand for a period of time, the real bond is one where the glider trusts you completely! When its out and about for playtime and it gets scared and runs back to you. When you it looks you in the eyes and you can feel the love even if its only for a brief moment. When it will let you turn it over for belly rubs or perfectly calm while trimming nails.

The trust is the bond....not how long it will sit still for you to love on them.

And like I said, the actual amount of gliders out there that have that kind of bond with their owners is very small. I know there are alot of people that have larger numbers of gliders and will only have 1 or 2 that have that kind of bond. So don't get discouraged and don't expect every glider to be the same or have that kind of bond. They are all very different and a strong bond with one may not be the kind of bond that you were looking for but it is everything that particular glider needs to feel loved and trusted.