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Welcome to Newby's Glider Nook!


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Our goal at Newby's Glider Nook is to be able to help educate individuals about sugar glider care, health and happiness as well as being able to offer some beautiful babies for you to call your own!

We care about the individual as well as the gliders that you already have or the joey that you may be adopting from us.  

We do not try to push our diet or beliefs onto anyone else and always have an open mind.  Just because you do things differently than we do does not make either one of us wrong.

We offer safe and sound advice and can help educate in many different aspects of every day glider life.  

We can help with whats safe or not safe and are non judgemental.  So please do contact us for any quetions or concerns you may have.  

Sugar gliders are not a pet for everyone and we will do our best to help you decide if they are right for you!

Check out our other pages at the top of our website.  We are here for you!

My phone number is 731-441-9814,  text us any time before 10pm.